Speaking Engagement Requests

“Self improvement and organizational focus are two powerful concepts needed to compete in today’s global environment.”

When an individual has a focus and a game plan, his or her success and personal satisfaction will also follow. When the two are combined, predictable results happen.

David Joud gained the reputation of an engaging and motivational speaker in his field: Personal and professional development. His seminars and speaking subjects are presented in an interactive setting which includes no advertising for our company. We do refer to some examples we’ve encountered with clients, but not without their approval. Every topic can be customized to a specific industry and to a specific length in time from 20 minutes to a full day seminar or more if needed. Participants always gain great insight they can use immediately, and we share the feedback we received with the event organizer.

Keynote and Workshop Topics

The following subjects are delivered as keynotes (20 minutes to 2 hours) and workshops (1 hour to a full day or more).

Tap into your hidden potential, unleash your personal and professional success

“Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much because they live in the grey twilight that knows not victory nor defeat” – Theodore Roosevelt.

  • Where are you now and why should you care?
  • So you want to develop your potential? What must come first? Second?
  • Let’s share a method to learn from mistakes and make it work for you, every time, all the time.
  • What do you believe about yourself? Is it giving you the results you want? Do you want to change something? Here is how…
  • Working too much? How can you rebalance your activities and work towards a harmonious life, both in business and in your personal life?

7 strategies to improve your time management skills.

So your days only have 24 hours and you need more, you want to be in control, attain more out of work and life… You know what you should be doing, you have the plan in mind, but you still don’t have time to get to it. Well stop for 1 hour, join us and invest in yourself…

  • Too much on your desk, your To-Do list is getting longer, and you work long hours… What does it mean?
  • Your perception of time is unique, how can you evaluate it?
  • How to develop a time-conscious attitude?
  • Investing time through purpose, values and vision.

Grow your business through Customer Loyalty

We will cover the following and create a customized action plan to grow your business through Customer Loyalty.

  • Why isn’t customer satisfaction good enough?
  • What does a customer really want?
  • How can you use customer loyalty as a strategy?
  • Why and how should you create, maintain and sustain competitive advantage through Customer Loyalty?
  • Outperform & Outlast your Competition by embracing change.
  • What are the obstacles that you are facing in your company or industry that your competition is not?
  • How do you define your competitive edge in your industry and in your business?
  • One strategy that will yield additional business.
  • How to plan using this strategy for your business and set it in motion.
  • Results: Several methods to stay focused and motivated to reach the results you are planning for.

Networking Your Way to Success: This workshop focuses on techniques to improve networking and generate business results.

  • Why should you network?
  • Developing a positive attitude for networking
  • Preparing for networking events
  • Tips for successful networking
  • Networking Etiquette
  • Maintaining your network and growing your business

Additional topics include:

  • Boost your Sales and overcome the economic downturn
  • Filling your Sales Funnel and keep it full! No more roller coasters
  • Winning at Sales: Increasing Your Closing Rate
  • Three techniques to increase your business through your current customers
  • Get out of your own way on the road of prosperity
  • 7 step process to reach all of your business (and personal) goals
  • 14 conditions that can derail your organization, and how to avoid it
  • Creating a compelling Vision for Your Success
  • The Formula for Success – what they never taught you in school
  • Ready, Set, Go… And Plan, or how to use business planning to reach your goals