“Working with David has been a solid investment in our business. His course has helped us on many levels, including personally. My wife and I learned how to be more focused on our goals, on our strengths and on what we need to do to take our business to the next level. In particular, we learned how to become more effective networkers, which surprisingly also made it more enjoyable for me! We also learned how to identify our strengths as well as where we need to improve, and the results have been very positive. We have seen a marked increase in the number of referrals we are receiving as well as the number of new customers directly as a result of our networking efforts. What has been very helpful, too, is how he helped us create the tracking and measurement tools to show how we are doing and to know what is working and what  could be improved. David is a pleasure to work with and you know he truly cares about you and your success. If you want your business to grow and thrive, working with David will definitely help you reach your goals.”

—Warren McCord, Dean’s Automotive, Mountain View CA

“David is an energetic and inspiring person to work with. He has a high degree of business experience & expertise and is interested in obtaining results. If you have a challenge facing your business or company, or seek to work with an experienced individual to improve your effectiveness as a leader, do not hesitate to give David a call.”
—Rocky Tilney, Studio 22 Design, Sunnyvale CA

“These courses have exceeded my expectation with my personal growth as-well-as with the business tools. Working with you and the two programs, I am not the same person I was 7 months ago. I love what is happening. I love who I am. And where I am going.”
—Laura Pasetto, LLP Financial, San Jose CA

“I was in the midst of a very long dry spell and struggling with my confidence, and very close to quitting the industry. David worked with me on putting just a handful of positive affirmations to work. After a week of using these, I presented an offer for a client. I didn’t get the sale, but I did get an offer to join a more prestigious brokerage.”
—Bryan Grady, Keller Williams Realty

“The Leadership Training Course is fantastic! It is a methodical, step-by-step process that when put into action will change you and your business forever. I highly recommend taking this course, and I highly recommend David as your coach. He is truly “dynamic” with his Dynamic Strategic Alignment programs.”
—Danean Gallaher, Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, Cupertino, CA

“David’s seminar reinforces the books I’ve been reading on attitude and networking. I love how interactive David’s seminar was, approach and incremental mind-state analysis, as well as what is needed to evolve.”
—Chris Voss de Bettancourt –

“My company worked with David Joud for about a year. He helped us to define our values (both personally and as a company), our vision and our mission. He also helped us to create goals and measurement tools, which helped us immensely. David took the time to understand our company, and is very personable and easy to work with. If you’re looking for a business coach, I highly recommend David and DSA!”
—Kelly S.

“David has been working with me for over a year now. My business has increased by double and I expect that it will double each year for the rest of my career. He is a fantastic and energetic guy who really helps his clients get focused with clear direction. He’s a powerful ally and always has a positive attitude.”
—Houshang L.

“I worked with David for 4+ months and in the time, my business tripled! He is patient. He is encouraging. He helps find solutions rather than dwelling on the mistakes. Everything is a learning opportunity and he maximizes the education. I feel that even months later I know what to do to boost my business even further.”
—Stephanie S.

“I have seen David speak a few times about career development and had the benefit of some one-on-one career coaching as well. He is a really great guy to work with. He listens carefully, gives helpful insights and is not afraid to be controversial. If you need some direction in your career, not sure if you’re fully leveraging your strengths, or need some ideas of what you should do next to achieve personal satisfaction and success, David can help accelerate you down the correct path.”
—Sharon G.

“David has worked with our company for close to 6 months now. He has provided us with extremely valuable guidance ranging from the basics of improving the foundation of our business model all the way to helping roll out new projects and helping us identify and reach our personal professional goals. He is incredibly knowledgeable about his business, and takes the time to understand ours, identify and anticipate our needs, and helps us set goals accordingly. He is direct, honest and kind. He also has a great sense of humor, and makes the process fun. I would recommend him to any business looking to build upon their foundation, and take business to a new and exciting level. Thanks, David!”
—Julia Ruvolo

“Making the choice to work with David was one of the best decisions we have made, both for our business and for our personal development. The program demands investment of time and personal commitment, but is so powerful,and the results are phenomenal! I now know why David’s response to being asked “How are you?” is always “Fantastic!”
—Susan Davis

“David has an uncanny ability to drive to the heart of the matter and help you focus on what’s important. He also has the tools to help you achieve your goals. Be warned, though, it is not easy. In his inimitable style, David will hold you accountable and require that you do the work to get the results you desire. David is both personable, and easy to work with. He unwaveringly positive and will help you raise your game to new levels. If you are ready to commit to success, David is your man.”
—Ted Ray

“David was instrumental in giving me the push I needed to stop procrastinating and make the move to starting my business. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a VP, or a C level exec, David’s program will help you move to a higher level of effectiveness.”
—Zach Smith

“David is a great work management coach, having focused me on what’s important and maintaining that focus over time. I would highly recommend him.”
—Kempton Izuno

“David Joud has provided strategic consulting and business coaching services to our company for the past 8 months. His impact has been tremendous. Prior to beginning our work with him, our staff often operated at cross-purposes to one another, despite an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation. Through a series of group workshops and one-on-one meetings with all our staff members, David provided us with tools which we used to align our resources toward our common objectives, resulting in greatly increased efficiency and effectiveness. We identified and prioritized our company’s goals and values, created action plans for implementation, and developed measurement systems for tracking our progress in the improvement our structure and operations. I personally gained incredible knowledge of best business practices and their specific application to our small business model. David Joud is truly a master of his profession. He provides companies with specific knowledge and tools with which to define their goals, measure their progress, and achieve their results. His passion and enthusiasm are both uplifting and infectious, and he is an extremely effective communicator and teacher. I give the highest possible recommendation to any organization in need of creating, or re-defining, their goals or strategic plan as a business.”
—Adrian Weber

“My business grew exponentially during the first year and a half. I hired David at that point and participated in his coaching program. I needed to learn to manage my business, staff and growth more effectively by bringing out the expertise and talents I already had but never tapped into. David brought me to the next level to the point that my closest professional peers quickly noticed a faster and more efficient turnaround, improved business and fantastic results. I recommend David to new and growing decision makers who face the million tasks and need to improve their leadership, time or business planning skills. A year and a half later, I have hired 3 more employees and doubled my client base and improved the clients I have chosen to work with.”
—Alicia Lucas

“David recently gave a presentation on how to “Tap into Your Hidden Potential” at ProMatch, a collaborative workforce development and career resource center for professionals who are seeking work or career enhancement in Silicon Valley and the greater San Francisco Bay Area. I responded to his offer to a lecture hall full of job seekers for a complimentary 15 minute online professional assessment followed by an hour of interpretation and dialogue over the phone. The interpretation was quite perceptive in reflecting back to me aspects of myself and my personal professional development with regards to the challenges and opportunities that I have been presented with in my worklife and career. I came away from the discussion impressed that such a short assessment could be interpreted to provide such wide ranging implications about my decision making styles. Additionally, David accurately identified my weaknesses and strengths in internal processing, pointing out where I am able to cope with, and in a way, accommodate or remediate my weaknesses by using my strengths. David told me that my clear sense of direction, empathy, and systems judgment can serve to weather many storms. I recommend David as a sensitive, articulate, and positive “sounding board” and coach, especially for those seeking high level feedback.”
—Susan Neva

“I recently met David Joud at an Integrated Marketing workshop offered by the Small Business Administration (SBA) in San Francisco. Not only did I enjoy his presentation style, I also found the information he presented to be very insightful and relevant to our business world today. I then took DSA’s Innermetrix Talent Profile (a way to examine individual decision making processes) as David had suggested. Although I was surprised by some of the results of the assessment, I was encouraged by David’s interpretation of those results and further assistance I might consider as I move forward in my professional life. It was not only the information itself but the manner in which David presented that information, that I found so useful and insightful. I will follow David’s recommendations and see where they lead me which I am very sure will yield great results. Thank you, David. Your patience and knowledge are much appreciated.”
—Maryann Hrichak

“I worked with David this year to help grow my private practice. I thought I knew a lot about getting the word out for my services, but David consistently taught me how to become a better, more focused networker and business owner. He helped me put systems in place to get the results I wanted. He helped me expand my vision for my business. Ultimately, working with David increased my business by 200%. I’m glad that I made the investment to work with David. It paid off.”
—Dr Krista Regedanz

“In addition to all David’s coaching work, it should be mentioned that he can hold a group of over 200 people in the palm of his hand and keep their rapt attention. I attended his “Networking for Success” workshop. We participated actively. We laughed. Who hasn’t faced a “Biz Card fan” at a networking event? We may have whimpered a little at recognition of our own errors in networking. David provided a safe learning environment. His sense of humor is simply a bonus. I can’t wait to take his coaching workshop.”
—Sandra A. Clark

“I worked with David for 4+ months and in the time, my business tripled! He is patient. He is encouraging. He helps find solutions rather than dwelling on the mistakes. Everything is a learning opportunity and he maximizes the education. I feel that even months later I know what to do to boost my business even further.”
—Stephanie Staford